Verizon CEO says half their traffic is video

Video accounts for 50 percent of Verizon Wireless’ network traffic today and by 2017 the carrier estimates video will make up two-thirds of all traffic over the network.

Pretty remarkable that that many wireless users are watching video from their devices.

  • Brickandmaker

    Many websites today have product or service intro videos. It’s a very natural experience to watch them while surfing on a 3G/4G iPad when encountered on the go.

  • annonnymuss

    Read: porn

  • Well, it’s not apples to apples. A web page may be 100k while a video might be 5,000,000k. So of course total traffic is skewed towards size-intensive filetypes like video.

    This statement from Verizon isn’t surprising.

    • Yes, if they’re really comparing bytes-to-bytes I’m surprised video is that small.

  • Makes sense. It’s probably the same for all services providers, both cellular and landline. I don’t know why Verizon thought this was so important to announce.