Microsoft plans 7-inch tablet

The software giant is developing a new lineup of its Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version expected to go into mass production later this year, said people familiar with the company’s plans.

So the company can fail in two form factors. Awesome!

  • GTWilson

    On the plus side, they’ll take up a lot less space sitting unsold in inventory.

  • It’s sad. I’d much rather see Google fail than Microsoft. I hope they can turn it around once Balmer leaves.

  • Mother Hydra

    Will the size be geared towards a first party offering such as: Surface RT with SmartGlass or some such creature. Makes sense given the size.

  • Given that their only somewhat reasonable selling point for the RT line is (a castrated and un-touchable) version of Office… this makes no sense whatsoever. A 7″ tablet with almost mandatory keyboard and trackpad is an even bigger failure in a smaller form factor.

    They should (if they really want to do anything) release a 7″ tablet running WP8. At least there are some apps for it, it has a few fans in some countries, and it does not consume the entire SSD for legacy OS junk that is not needed on a tablet, and it is touch-friendly.

    But as long as Bullmer and his “Windows must be everywhere” mantra is at the helmet, iOS and Android are more than safe.

  • Because Windows nerds need a smaller form-factor to get “real work” done?

    Take your time, Microsoft. No rush.

  • How is someone supposed to get “real work” done on a 7″ screen? It almost now seems like the 7″ screen version would require the user to have a desktop monitory to plug into.

    • lucascott

      But the kiddies will instantly gain some mad dance skills

  • Following the Windows RT device, this one will give a new meaning to “mass production”…