Google Fiber coming to Austin, Texas

Today, we’re pleased to announce with Mayor Lee Leffingwell that Austin, Texas is becoming a Google Fiber city.

Exciting news for Austin residents looking for gigabit access. Should be coming to Austin homes in 2014.

  • There are lots of cities that need this more than Austin did.

    • Mother Hydra

      Med Center in Houston, I forgot to list that one too. This just makes no sense for so many reasons. Austin is a poor choice.

      • Of course, it makes sense that Google would choose easier locations first. Too bad so many of them are less likely to need this service in the first place.

  • It’s so sad how Google get’s all of this press for deploying fiber in some midwest cities. Seattle is already covered in fiber, and we should be getting access to it by the end of the year.

  • tylernol

    because Houston sucks.

    • Mother Hydra

      Ah, sounds like the bitter voice of someone from Austin. You DO know that Houston is the most diverse city in North America right? That we lead in STEM… ? What is Austin doing? Oh right, nothing worthwhile that would make someone want to write an article like this:

      • tylernol

        Your perception of Austin is a wee bit antiquated to say the least. But hey if the idea of working for a tech startup in an affordable city with amazing culture, short commutes(mine is 3 miles, I bike it) and outdoor activities year round does not sound good, and you would prefer to be yet another obese (I am not calling you fat, but if I had to place money on it, I would, based on the average Houst on residents circumference) Houstonite commuting 15 miles+ each way to a job probably related to the energy sector, than go right ahead. Dont move here.

        • Mother Hydra

          Ok, you’re not gonna call me fat but you would take the bet? That is a pretty thick thing to say so I’ll just leave it out there. I also noticed you haven’t even touched on that article I posted. Nice!

          Don’t worry, I’d never dream of taking a step down in my quality of life by moving to Austin. That’s like moving to San Antonio for spaghetti monster’s sakes. Just to clear up many of your broad generalizations, I visit Austin each week, have friends living there- I’m pretty sure I got that place pegged much as you care to object. By your description you make Austin out to be some sort of natural utopia and it is not. Honestly aside from the slightly nicer weather you can do all that stuff you listed here in Houston. I know because I routinely bike, run and enjoy the outdoors around here all year long my baby. But! don’t let silly facts get in the way of declaring everyone obese. I commute to work with my feet, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk to work so I don’t know why you think biking 3 miles is some sort of laudable action. I’m a real man, I don’t need a bike when my badass feet can take me almost anywhere. I’m also pretty quick, another perk of me being so much more awesome than you. But enough about me, I’ll go further. Our music scene bests yours in every way and I would love to list all the great music that came out of H-town. Our arts scene is LIGHT YEARS away from Austin, I know because I work inside the industry (work takes me to Austin, I speak from experience). Austin reminds me of a five year-old all excited it learned to use the big boy toilet but not ready to take the training wheels off and be a real city.

          • tylernol

            I read it. It attempts to confuse the reader by mixing percent growth and number growth when it suits the writer. Pretty disingenuous. Houston has some nice art museums, that is true. I enjoy going to new exhibitions there, but it is not enough to justify living there.

          • aceinthehole

            There are no real cities in Texas.

  • tylernol

    Austin FTW!

  • That’s great news for all the Apple employees who work in Austin.

  • “When I heard Google Fiber was coming to Austin I thought ‘well, of course.’ “

    Well, yes. How many Austin residents will consider this a necessity, rather than just a convenience?