AppGratis pulled from App Store – CEO speaks

Even if our iOS apps are momentarily unavailable, your app recommendation service, AppGratis, is very much up and running. If you’re part of the 12 million lucky people to have downloaded our app before last Friday, know that it will keep updating everyday with new free apps and cool discounts. So will our website, and so will our daily newsletter.

Simon Dawlat, CEO of AppGratis, explains from his perspective what happened when Apple pulled their app from the App Store.

  • I thought the main issue was that AppGratis was charging people for listings.

    • Mother Hydra

      this point is being buried in all the coverage. Whiners gonna whine

      • It’s the elephant in the room and AppGratis’ CEO danced around the whole topic. It’s what got them booted and likely one of their biggest sources of funding.

        It’s a nice PR piece anyhow.

  • tylernol

    smell ya later Appgratis!