U.S. Patent Office backs down from ‘iPad mini’ trademark objection

Based on a newly published office action from the USPTO, dated last Wednesday, the issue has in fact mostly been resolved without Apple having had to address the examiner’s objections. Presumably responding to the publicity surrounding the initial decision, the USPTO has preemptively withdrawn its two main objections to Apple’s objections.

This was widely expected to happen when the issue was first raised.

  • satcomer

    This feels like something was going on here. It just smells fishy.

    • Yeah, for real. If they have a trademark on iPad, anything after that should be trademark-able with ease.

    • kibbles

      never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to incompetence.

  • Man, that’s a lot of retractions being written right now. And the number of people on forums who confuse ‘trademark’, ‘copyright’ and ‘patent’ is dismaying.

    • the general public has very little exposure to the world of Intellectual Property and the differences.

      • The general public isn’t even aware this is happening I’m talking about the putative “tech savvy” wankers who write histrionics-laced articles about everything Apple and the haters that infest their comment forums.