Microsoft planning May Xbox event

Microsoft had originally been planning to unveil its next-generation Xbox details at an event in April, but The Verge has learned that the company has pushed this back to May. Windows watcher Paul Thurrott revealed recently that Microsoft is planning an Xbox event for May 21st, and we understand this date is accurate. This is the tentative date for a next-generation Xbox announcement, but Microsoft had originally planned an April 24th event.

Hopefully Microsoft will be slightly more forthcoming with details about the next Xbox than Sony was with details about the PlayStation 4.

  • Buckeyestar

    Don’t count on it, that’s not how console announcements go. The price and release date are typically revealed at a later date.

    • Indeed they are. Especially when the planned release is 2-3 Qrs. out, as was the case of PS4.

      • Worth noting that this short of a timespan is unusual. It’s always been the norm for console makers to announce their consoles at the E3 about 18 months before release.

        • Christopher Levin

          Which is something EVERYONE forgets, I don’t understand why.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’m nervous they’re gonna do something obvious and stupid like, say, announce the xbox successor as being focused on media and livingroom content detritus instead of the games. Le sigh.

  • Lukas

    Is there anything you actually don’t know about the PS4? They revealed everything about it. I’m not really getting why people were so upset about the PS4 announcement, honestly. The only thing we didn’t see was the plastic box the PS4’s guts would come in.


      They are upset because Sony didn’t show the case.

    • The only thing they didn’t announce was the box design itself as well as its pricing. As far as everything else, we got a pretty good idea of what’s to come.

    • A bunch of PRE-RENDERED trailers and slides showing what they PLAN on doing is NOT considered an announcement to me! Same with the PS3. Every game they showed was just a pre-rendered video!

      • bunnyhero

        False. Killzone was actual gameplay, as was demonstrated afterwards on Jimmy Fallon.

      • Screamstar

        What you consider to be an announcement doesn’t matter. What matters was that developers were impressed and they confirmed (in fact, exceeded) the rumored hardware specs that were floating around.

        This could not be more different from the PS3 announcement back in 2005, where they did show a box (it was empty) and lots of pre-rendered footage. It turned out to be hugely embarrassing. This time they didn’t show a box, but did have demos in real-time (see below) and yet, people who should know better call it a “shit show”.

  • Domicinator

    I don’t really care what it is, as long as it’s something that sparks my interest in gaming again. I have grown so bored with the whole thing lately. Maybe it’s just me getting older and having less time for it, but the desire is still there. I’m just not interested in Assassin’s Creed 8 or Gears of War 12 anymore. I want somebody to do something new. Even Skyrim didn’t keep me entertained for very long.

    Again, it could just be me, but I just feel like the hype and the sense of community that used to exist among gamers is absolutely gone. Maybe it’s time to go back to PC gaming.

  • Maybe.. maybe not. Microsoft wasn’t exactly forthcoming about details concerning their Surface products.

  • $20 says it’s about the controller like Sony did. lol

  • Don’t worry people. It’s going to be better than what Sony is offering.

    • Christopher Levin

      Yes, because the media has been so unimpressed yet, oh wait, they’re all unilaterally positive of Sonys approach, check your sources.

  • Oh for criminently’s sake… Historically every console releases a “first look” at least an E3 before the E3 keynote where details are released. (Or TGS in earlier years.) The WiiU didn’t show their box at E3 2012, nor solidify launch details, and no one called it a “shit show,” because that’s just asininely counter-historical. It’s what all the players have been doing since they’ve been doing in.

    We’ll get more details about the Xbox Next simply because it will only be three weeks out from the final E3 Keynote this time. Not four months (PS4, assuming they do reveal everything else at E3) and not 15 months (Nintendo didn’t even announce WiiU final details at E3 2013 as expected, but three months afterward).

    I don’t actually expect we’ll visually see the Xbox Next’s hardware or get price/SKU/dates at this event, because they’ll want something to cap their E3 presentation. We’ll get some more details out of them in general, probably, so they can give more of the stage to developers at E3 would be my guess. Otherwise it seems silly to have an event this close to E3 at all, rather than doing their usual “beat the conference by a day or two” keynote held nearby, and try to command attention for the whole cycle and dominate E3. (It still does seem weird…)

    But I highly doubt we’ll see anything that has been pointlessly labeled “shit show” from other announcements in other years. They’re under no pressure, since the pattern is understood, and everyone knows there’s only a few weeks to wait for the E3 publisher conferences.

    Showing the box design and announcing the SKUs and prices is the final spike.

    • Screamstar

      Apple bloggers constantly complain that Wall Street analysts doesn’t ‘get’ Apple’s business model because they try and compare it to other tech companies (high marketshare, low profits, etc). The analysts say Apple is doomed because they don’t do things the way Wall Street wants/expects.

      These same Apple bloggers are now complaining that Sony (and Nintendo) have the wrong business model. They’re ironically trying to compare the only business model they understand (Apple hardware/software) and applying it to a totally different industry and insisting they need to copy Apple or be doomed.

      Sure, the iPhone and other smartphones are chewing up the portable console market, but there is no evidence to show any significant canibalization of the multi-billion dollar TV console business from the iPad or iPhone. And don’t try to argue that only a handful of hardcore gamers buy an XBox360 or PS3 – both consoles combined have sold over 140 million units worldwide. Hardly niche, and that’s not even getting into the sales of $50-60 games for each system.

      • Since I can’t vent on Daring Fireball, I’m gonna take it out on the loop, although Peter’s little remark here was not as vapid as Gruber’s have been,

        You are spot on about the irony of Apple bloggers missing the mark here.

        After the PS4 announcement, Gruber on several occasions talked about what a terrible announcement it was, and lamenting why Sony would do this.

        He’s obviously a fan of Nintendo, so I’m not surprised, but it’s nonetheless obvious that John is completely detatched from the gaming industry as far as PR goes.

        The PS4 announcement was a huge success, because it was pretty much all that was being talked about for weeks after, mostly due to Sony strategically leaking details every other day after the show.

        Sony has managed to claim the leading position in the mindset of gamers. The ball is now in Microsoft’s court, and Sony has still left itself room to strike back.

      • These same Apple bloggers are now complaining that Sony (and Nintendo) have the wrong business model.

        Uh, no. Not even close. What they are saying is that vague promises, and “first looks” are a poor substitute for actual product announcements that contain useful or factual information. Your own posts contain perfect examples of “first looks” that weren’t and design/specs that changed or disappeared entirely. When Apple announces a product, you know what it looks like, what it will cost, why you might want it and when you can get it. You are going to have to forgive people for wanting hard info from their companies of choice, as opposed to two hour meandering press events consisting of vague promises and cheer leading.

        • Screamstar

          “When Apple announces a product”. You realise you’re doing exactly what I described, right?

  • Screamstar

    Remember when Nintendo first announced the Wii? No box, no games, no price, no release date. Not even a name – it was called “Revolution” at the time. It went on to be the most successful console of the last generation.

    What about the PS2 – the most successful console of all time? When it was first introduced at E3 it was a monitor inside a huge metal pyramid. Again, no price, no date.

    The original XBox? Remember when they showed prototype hardware that was a big silver X with a glowing green thing in the middle?

    But now the tech bloggers have decided every hardware announcement needs to be like an Apple event.

    Speaking of Apple, remember when Tim Cook announced those new Mac Pros we’re supposed to be getting this year? No box, no price, no date. Huh.

    • remember when Tim Cook announced those new Mac Pros

      No, since Tim Cook never “announced” new Mac Pros. Or is it your contention that a comment in an email qualifies as an “announcement”?

      • Screamstar

        Twitter and Facebook posts now qualify as outlets for company announcements according to the FCC. Why not email? Or are we going to quibble endlessly about what you consider to be an “announcement”?

        • Endlessly? I don’t imagine anyone but you needs an explanation of the difference between an Apple product announcement and a vague comment in an email from Tim Cook.

  • Christopher Levin

    I like this website, but this article was woefully uninformed, the ONLY thing that wasn’t announced where the design of the console which is by and large irrelevant, and the price.

    Every important detail has been released, what’s in the box, how the controller looks and works, and software features, we also got a release time frame.

  • All of you Sony fanboys can argue all you want, but I prefer the Xbox ecosystem (like I prefer the Apple ecosystem) PLUS I support AMERICAN companies!!!

    • Screamstar

      So, you base your purchasing decisions on the location of the company’s headquarters? Who’s the “fanboy” here exactly? Or are you just a racist?