“Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of Mediocrity”

For many people, Facebook is the Internet, just as AOL was before it. And just as Facebook is the best way for them to experience the Internet in a browser, Facebook Home is going to be the best way for those people to experience the Internet on a phone.

  • dr.no

    What do you expect when App is the dominate form of content consumption. URL were designed to be exposed to the public It was Mosaic that insisted on showing it.

    The reason Apps are dominate because Web doesn’t work as a business model of free. Only Google has made money from ads. Facebook is just a threat for now.

  • Curmudgeon

    My fear is that even though I will actively avoid Facebook Home, because people’s know will use it at some point, Facebook will inevitably learn things about me that I have purposely left out of my Facebook profile because I did not want Facebook to know that about me. Like phone numbers or street addresses. But I can’t keep that out of my friends address books and Facebook Home will scrape that stuff up about me.

  • chocomelt

    I think Facebook is much cleverer than BlackBerry. Why Blackberry has to go route on buying QNX and building BB10 OS only to provide the “whole internet” experience for BBM users. Just like many people connect internet to be on Facebook, most Blackberry user use data only for BBM and email, thus why Blackberry does not just use the same tactic by making a Blackberry launcher on top of Android since Blackberry relies heavily on Android apps and Google services (Gmail, maps, Youtube, & other services) already.

  • mbk

    I actually think this is a terrible article. It’s another example of tech journalists dismissing anything that isn’t completely revolutionary and disruptive. Look at the first 2 sentences:

    “Maybe you were hoping for something radically new and different from a Facebook phone. If so, Zuck just broke your heart.”

    I rarely touch Facebook and have little interest in this product, but I watched The Verge’s video demonstration of it and I have to say that a lot of the UI elements were very impressive. Unless there’s a paradigm shift in software and hardware, nothing at this point will be “revolutionary” enough for the tech press. But my honest opinion is that Fb Home is as evolutionarily forward as anything I’ve seen recently.