The Email Guitar

It translates guitar notes into computer keystrokes.

  • mvcmendes

    First thing I would do would be to play my favorite riffs and solos and see what they would write.

  • I guess the reverse (keyboard to guitar) could be useful 🙂 ..hold on…it’s called Garageband!

  • ochyming

    Crazy and Bravo!

  • Mayson

    I’ve heard of chording keyboards before, but this is ridiculous (but awesome).

  • (dramatization)


  • Terry

    outrageous- I almost got chiariscurshitehead

  • hm… fun idea… but this can be done without any hardware! the computer can convert MIDI to keyboard in various ways… and I suggest to choose notes of a scale in a way that words turn into a melody we can remember easily!