Black Sabbath

Here’s a riff from the new album, which is due in June.

  • I’m 17 again.

  • Makes me think I haven’t listen to Live Evil for a while. Pressing Play now!

  • DanielSw

    Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait for the new tunes!!!

  • Nikos

    That sounds great. I’ll be seeing Sabbath in concert at the end of the month and I cant wait! I saw Deep Purple last month and they were brilliant, as usual. Purple’s new album is due out at the end of this month. A new Sabbath LP soon as well, kick @ss! The only thing that would make this Sabbath album and concert perfect would be if Bill Ward was in the band.

  • Man oh man, does that sound great! Bring. It. On!

  • Bad ass. Sounds like a great blend of classic Sabbath with modern production.