Samsung rips off Apple with store-within-a-store concept too

The company is partnering with Best Buy and will open 1,400 Samsung Experience shops within the retailer’s existing stores.

And who pioneered the store-within-a-store concept back in the 1990s, first with Comp USA and then later with Best Buy and other retailers?

Samsung, have you ever had an original idea?

  • They should enter the copier market, they would make a killing. Xerox are amateurs compared to samesung.

  • adrianoconnor

    Apple have found some extremely successful business models. It would be insane if there weren’t companies out there copying them. In fact, it’s more surprising that there aren’t more.

  • This feels like skating to where the puck was, but I can see how it might get them even more exposure than just plastering ads everywhere.

  • Zeatrix

    Copying is the highest form of flattery!

  • lucascott

    Oh come on Peter, they made the


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    Okay yeah, there’s nothing

  • imthedude

    It’s unnecessary. They already have salesman push everything samsung. I’ve never heard a bigger load of bullsht than when I was walking around the cellphone department listening to the salesman talk about how difficult it is to take a screen shot with the iPhone.

    • That’s awesome because I’ve never had an easier experience taking a screenshot on any Android device (including Samsungs) than on an iPhone.

    • The Best Buys in Seattle are really bad for this. A few years ago they even moved all Apple products from good exposure areas to the worst spots in the store. Now you can’t even see them unless you’re looking for them.

  • “Our goal is not we remain expert and you remain subservient to us,” she said. “We want [customers to feel] empowered, valued and delighted such that you become the expert, not us.”

    Sounds like any other tech support I’ve seen where the “tech support” is clueless and the customer is the expert due to hours spent researching on forums.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Original costs more money, meaning less profit. Better to copy and laugh all the way to the bank until you get the subpoena,

    Just a thought

    1. I like it that the Samsung VP felt a need to use the word “subservient.”

    2. I wonder if Samsung’s “experience consultants” will get paid more than the Best Buy staff they’ll be working alongside. And even if they’re not, one wonders what that does for the latter’s morale. Say a shopper is asking about tablets. Do BB and S staff have to compete for the shopper’s attention?

    3. This probably won’t improve the experience of shopping at Best Buy.

    • dvdphn

      I’ve seen this already when trying to buy a white iPad Mini at my local Best Buy in Brampton, (back in December/January).

      Definitely won’t improve the shopping experience since you’ll still have to wait for the “person with the key” to unlock the case to get you the product you want. Assuming you flag down a salesperson to get the person with the key.

      While I was waiting for someone to help me, (stood around the iPad section for around 15-20 min unnoticed, I don’t blame them, since most people play with the devices and never actually intend to buy), I observed the (2) Samsung salesperson chatting with a couple, who were trying to decide on whether to purchase a laptop or a tablet. Then a Best Buy employee joins the group with the customer he’s helping.

      I hear the couple inquire about the iPad as well, and the Samsung staff just brush it off, “Oh, that’s just Apple’s version of this… , but it doesn’t use Windows or an actual desktop OS, they have their own ecosystem”.

      All-in-all, the couple did purchase a Samsung product, (think it was a laptop). And the Samsung staff still required a Best Buy salesperson to flag down the person with the key.

      There was also an Apple rep, who he stayed around the iMac/MacBook display, and eventually joined the two Samsung salespeople, Best Buy salesperson, and the key-holder in conversation, but it was kinda obvious that he was the odd man out despite all of them being friendly with each other.

      • dvdphn

        Reminds me of another experience when the iPad 3 came out. I wanted to buy an Apple TV, and was browsing/admiring the Retina Display, when two women dragged a salesperson from the camera section to ask about the iPad 2 vs iPad 3.

        The guy didn’t know anything about iPads, so he did his best comparing what the display specs say. (I eventually helped him out, since I saw he was struggling with their questions. He went off to get someone with the key, so I could get my Apple TV.)

        The backstory was, one of the two women got an iPad 2 for Christmas, and she loves using it, so she recommended that her friend gets one as well, (but the friend didn’t feel justified about spending the money).

        I explained why I loved my iPad, (I’m not a salesperson, and don’t believe in convincing someone to spend money). I did recommend that she should try out her friend’s iPad a bit to see if she feels that it would have a place in her life.

        I asked her about her tech experience. She says, “I have an iPhone, and I love it, but I don’t do much with it. I use a computer at work, and have a computer on my desk at home. What would an iPad do that a computer couldn’t?”.

        The camera salesperson came back with a key-holder, and was putting an iPad back into the case, and the key-holder exclaims, “Nothing, the iPad is just a toy”.

        That comment caught me off-guard, since I wouldn’t have thought a Best Buy staff member would brush off a product they sell, let alone a potential sale.

        Thankfully, the friend chimed in, “Okay, it’s not as powerful as a computer, so that’s why it’s kinda like a toy, but you can still do stuff with it, like browse the internet, and check e-mail easily, stuff regular people do with a computer. That’s why I love using my iPad”.

        The woman says, “I’ll have to think about it. I can’t do this when I’m hungry…”, and she heads off with her friend.

        While I go home with my Apple TV.

  • Tvaddic

    Apple didn’t pioneer this idea, food restaurants like McDonalds did this in gas stations. This is just a mall, in one store.

  • Liveware

    This will work until everyone real

    • Scruff0

      This is my favourite comment ever. Shut the Internet down, thanks for playing.

  • They can’t hear you over the sound of all the money they’re making.

  • Scruff0

    They’ve been popping up here (in Australia) in stores like JB-HiFi. Apple came first, long wooden bench with products on it and a headboard with the apple logo. Few months later, Microsoft had exactly the same (but with MS logo on it) and last week Samsung had their version right next to Apples and Microsoft, blue with a big Samsung logo on it, but with a white bench top.

    I find it funny that places like JB are already filled with Microsoft and Samsung products anyway – Apple did it because they couldn’t convince the retailers to stock their products back in the day.

  • Skan

    samsung it’s making the iphone, let’s not forget that and it is way more original than apple is