Planes: A new Disney movie

From above the world of “Cars.”

  • samdchuck

    Has Disney really just entirely removed any mention of Pixar?

  • chjode

    I don’t think Pixar was involved in this at all. It’s by DisneyToon Studios.

    • Ron Miller

      Wikipedia seconds this, and it also mentions that this was originally meant to go straight to video. It also mentions that despite not being produced by Pixar, John Lasseter is one of the producers.

      • Well Lasseter is responsible for Disney Animation these days too since the merger, so that’s not so odd really so see him have a producer credit. It’s a little odd so see them mix and match this way, having DisneyToon make a movie that’s effectively in the Pixar Cars universe. Although they don’t seem to be doing any crossover characters. And if Lasseter signed off on it, which he must have, perhaps he sees something in this way of doing things after all. Definitely confusing though to see Planes, obvious reference to Cars, but not Pixar. Perhaps what he sees is a way to release two movies. 😉

        The actual Pixar movie for this summer is Monsters University.

    • Hopefully Lasseter can teach them how to make movies right.

  • It isn’t a Pixar movie, it’s from Disney Toons.

  • G

    A White Zombie song on a kid’s movie trailer. The circle is now complete.

  • TexanPatriot2

    Unfortunately it will make hundreds of millions of dollars, because it looks too much like that silly movie: Cars.

    • My kids shit real bricks for anything remotely Cars-related.

      • You should see a pediatrician immediately!!

  • Please! No more cable guy

  • Mother Hydra

    Why couldn’t they do something fun and charming like Cthulu? He’s a great old soul. I think he still lives under Insmouth…