Macs vs. PC on campus

We often hear about how popular Macs are in schools or business from market research firms, but it’s interesting to hear from the students.

  • europe

    Shows how dumb Americans really are

  • tedcranmore

    Finally switched to Mac after so many years as a pc bigot. My gawd…I like my computer again! I have no idea what took me so long. I guess I was on “the windows team” so my eyes were shut.

    Perhaps Europe is one of those really smart European bankers?

    • I can assure you there are no smart bankers in Europe either.

  • Simon Pride

    I work in a Large Ivy League University Near Boston That Shall Remain Nameless. When I walk around the student areas of the campus, I see 90% Mac laptops and 10% Dell. Nothing else. Our Fall semester wireless registration data, whose process asked the user to identify their OS) showed about 55% Apple laptops, 40% Windows and 5% iOS. Android was <1%.