Facebook Home “destroys any notion of privacy”

Om Malik:

In fact, Facebook Home should put privacy advocates on alert, for this application erodes any idea of privacy. If you install this, then it is very likely that Facebook is going to be able to track your every move, and every little action.

Very true.

  • tylernol

    but “after a while” your data will be anonymized.. NO PROBLEM. post this message at 3:07.

  • Google ALREADY does this!! Why does Google get a pass on everything!! Start holding them accountable too!

  • lucascott

    Perhaps not just Facebook. Perhaps everyone that follows you and who knows what ‘Everyone’ might see. I play a game on my iPad using Facebook Connect and almost all of them post that I played, perhaps my score. And to the public. Now that’s not so bad but what about when it’s something more personal