“Hot For Teacher” performed by a 6-year-old drummer


  • Peter Cohen

    That’s one hell of a kit for a six year old.

  • man….you cannot help but smile watching that. And he even throws some air guitar at beginning on the sticks if you watch closely.

  • Wow, absolutely incredible!

  • I bet this kid loses his virginity by 12. Girls are gonna throw themselves at him.

  • My legs are cramping up just watching him on that kick drum. Rock on, Avery!

  • Igor Falecki is even better he started wen he was only 4 years old.


  • Space Gorilla

    So good! I love how he has to stand up to choke the crash 🙂

  • Kevin

    I love how, after he mutes the cymbal, he has to lift himself back onto the stool. Awesome!

  • AveryDrummer.com for a few more videos, including some live shows he’s done (though youtube has a lot more than his own site).

  • Heh, great stuff

  • WTF is my 4 year old kid doing with herself????

  • stevebert

    The force is strong with this one.

  • grimatongueworm

    Nice little air guitar on the sticks when the guitar kicks in.