HD Voice coming to AT&T

Hell, I’d settle for getting a signal in major cities.

  • BC2009

    One thing I have noticed with my AT&T iPhone 4S and my Verizon iPad 3…. The iPad 3 has better coverage when I am on vacation. In my home town, AT&T is just fine, but when traveling, it is Verizon that has me covered.

    Too bad Verizon charges the most and their sales rep have been so pushy whenever I have called them about pricing a switch-over.

    • Yea – Verizon reps are a bunch of stuck up idiots. I wouldn’t want to go with them just because of their attitude and overly idiotic policies.

  • dr.no

    Problem will be when it will only work in iphone 5S because AT&T is going to use VoiceLTE not the same as T-mobile. and the HDVoice will only work with AT&T customers just like T-mobile.

    What they are going to do when talking to a landline will be the question.

  • Ben

    AT&T is great in Missouri, where I live. The problem is, when I’ve visited other places in the country, the service is just awful.

  • I have wonderful service where I live – not sure why AT&T gets a bad rap for coverage. I understand historically they were pretty sketchy – especially when they were the exclusive iPhone carrier, but those days are gone.