Reeder for Mac, iPad goes free; development continues

Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi is giving away the Mac and iPad versions of his software until he releases version 2.0, which will incorporate improvements to free the software of reliance on Google Reader. He promises development will continue past Google Reader’s end date.

  • Booyah. I just wish 2.0 was included. Too much “up-in-the-air” right now with regard to how things will sync to invest in any app.

    • Peter Cohen

      Rizzi’s point is that there’s no need to “invest.” Use it for free until he figures out another good solution. And I think the expectation is that a good replacement will be found before the end of June.

  • NewsJunkie

    I’m actually impressed with Reeder for the Mac. The current versions of NetNewsWire are pretty shitty, especially the ancient and buggy iOS versions. Unless the next vapourware version of NetNewsWire is a massive improvement I’ll probably switch to Reeder when they release 3.0 (presumably with their own sync solution).