Pebble smart watch review

Stephen Hackett got his Pebble and posted his review. With everything I’ve heard about this watch, I was a little surprised with the conclusion.

  • I’m not. I’m surprised they were able to sell so many.

  • Wait, the Pebble isn’t touchscreen? You have to push buttons to do stuff? Did they not see the iPod nano watch bands and say we should improve on that?

    How/Why did they ever thing buttons in 2013 would be a good solution?

  • Canucker

    I have one (and have it paired with an iPhone 5) and agree with much of this review but the limited functionality is clearly an issue any smart watch will have. For example, the Android software does allow efficient setting of notifications without having to reset them whenever there is a lost connection. I think Apple will include more APIs for Bluetooth connectivity in iOS7 and the Pebble is a little before its time – on iOS. On Android, it works well today.

    I’d add a few of my own observations. Pebble is very slow at getting back to people. They are clearly out of their depth in customer relations. It is well designed and the swappable watch faces are really cool. The display resolution isn’t great for small font sizes (i.e. iMessages and emails). I am not sure that if I could activate notifications reliably, that I would activate email as I need to go back to the phone to reply. SMS/iMessage works well.

    The one killer feature for me is kinda stupid. I always have my phone on vibrate but miss calls all the time with my phone in my pocket. I haven’t missed a single call since setting up the Pebble.

  • This guy doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. You first get this feeling when he states that he hasn’t used the watch enough to even drain the battery once. And then he admits to being embarrassed by taking a picture with the iPad. Maybe he is really a thirteen year old girl?

    His ineptitude becomes clear as the review proceeds by saying there isn’t even a single app or game for the watch. There is. Its right there in the iPhone app and just as easy to install as the different watch faces.

    It sounds like this guy didn’t know what he signed up for and doesn’t know what he has.

    You want a real and honest review of the Pebble? OK, here goes. The Pebble watch does everything it claimed it would do in the Kickstarter campaign and more. It has already exceeded the expectation originally set, and with an SDK coming in April, this watch is about to really fulfill its potential.

  • Baka_Rakuda

    I still don’t see the point of this class of device. It seems to cater to the micro-niche of people who paradoxily need to see notifications the instant they arrive, but can’t be bothered to do something as simple as take the phone out of their pocket to check when said notification arrives.

    I’d personally rather see the game controller accessory that was nope’d, as such an accessory has wider appeal than a smart-watch due to how popular gaming is on iOS.

  • Lukas

    Not having worn a watch in over a decade, I got a Pebble anyway. I’m wearing it pretty regularly. It’s useful. As it is, not useful enough to wear it 100% of the time, but as it gets more software, I’ll get more out of it.

  • Jeanette Tan

    Was one of the earliest to order. Ordered a red pebble on Kickstarter. Waited. Watched the later people get their watches first. Waited. Waited. Gave up waiting. Changed to a black pebble. Delivery tracking number did not work. Finally got the watch. Should have just picked up a pebble from the beach.

  • Tin City

    I had to go through to get a good deal on a used one from Amazon. The do not have many left. Can’t wait to receive mine.