Macworld/iWorld rescheduled from February to March

Next year’s Macworld/iWorld expo will now take place March 27 through March 29, 2014. It had previously been scheduled for the first three days of February. The rescheduled event will move from Moscone West to Moscone North in San Francisco, as well.

If the beginning of February wasn’t good for you, does moving the event until the end of March make it more likely that you’ll attend?

  • Attendance was good at Macworld 2013 – I was there – didn’t seem bad at all.

    I’m looking forward to not worrying about delayed or cancelled flights and an even better time of year to enjoy SF.

    Not sure why the negative spin is here?

    • The change per se isn’t a bad idea. Many people, myself included, have lobbied for the date change for years. The fact that it “leaked” on one of IDG’s own sites on April Fool’s Day is embarrassing and confusing. There’s no info about this on IDG’s own web site but the Manager of the Expo, Paul Kent, is giving quotes to The Mac Observer but apparently not to – a site owed by his employer…

      And they’ve already announced dates previously. Those dates were ridiculous – not only the odd Saturday to Monday days but they conflicted with THE SUPER BOWL. So – why the date change now? Why did they pick those idiotic dates to begin with?

      (those of us “inside baseball” know the answer but the Tech Media likely won’t ask the question or get an answer from IDG)

      They are also moving from the lovely Moscone West to the underground Moscone North. Another bad move, IMO.

      And why now? They’ve had many years and many opportunities to make the change.

      And why THOSE dates? If you’re going to move it, why not to summer time?

      Certainly a (minor) embarrassment to IDG.

    • “Attendance was good at Macworld 2013…”

      Statement is relative and unprovable. IDG no longer audits attendance figures so the numbers they do release are illusory at best.

      “I’m looking forward to not worrying about delayed or cancelled flights.”

      Why not? Flight delays can happen any time of the year. If you are referring to weather related cancellations, March can be as bad as February.

      if weather was a consideration for IDG, then late May – late September would seem to make even more sense.

      “and an even better time of year to enjoy SF.”

      I went to Expos for 15 years in San Francisco in January and February. Weather was never much of an issue.

      “Not sure why the negative spin is here?”

      Who’s “negative spin”? The story here has none.

  • Might this schedule change also enable IDG to release audited attendance numbers?

    • The schedule has nothing to do with IDG’s decision to no longer audit Expo attendance figures. The numbers look better if they just pull them out of thin air.

      • Oh, I figured the two weren’t related. I was just hoping someone from IDG might actually weigh in with, say, what-do-you-call-them.. numbers?

        • Not unless someone asks them and the Mac Media has historically been reticent to rock the boat by…you know…asking questions…

          • But… that doesn’t make sense, Shawn.

            Wouldn’t the Mac media want to report to its readers and viewership about how well IDG has been doing with Expo, year over year? Isn’t that part of the job?

            Isn’t that also something Mac and iOS users might need to know in order to make, say, informed decisions about annual expenditures for, say, training and marketing?

          • Wouldn’t the Mac media want to report…”

            If you assume the Mac Media were made up of actual journalists/reporters and not sycophants and stenographers, you’d be correct.

            “Isn’t that also something Mac and iOS users might need to know in order to make informed decisions…?”

            Only if those users demand it of their media outlets. They don’t.