Apple changes Chinese warranties

Following controversy in China with state-controlled media outlets going after Apple over its warranty policies, Apple CEO Tim Cook today addressed the issue in a letter published to the company’s website in China. Within the letter (translation below), Cook apologized to customers and announced the company would implement a number of changes to “improve the level of service” for Chinese customers.

Among the changes Apple will make is an improved repair policy for iPhones, clearer warranty wording on the company’s Web site, better training for Apple Authorized Service Providers and easier customer contact with Apple Feedback Service.

Seems like a step in the right direction. Now to see how Chinese state media reacts…


    So the Apology is for unclear warranty information. That is got be first. How many were confused by that. What a Joke. Now every Kwong and Wong will demand an apology. It is shame that Chinese are just going to ask for more and more. Never appease a bully.

    Too bad Chinese do not know that Apple will simply pass the cost to them. Cost of doing business in China not only you have to pay bribe now you have to apologize for not doing anything wrong.

    Now Try getting your grey market product service at Apple.

    • lucascott

      Basically yes. They don’t say they are going to swap whole phones when a single repairable component is the issue. That’s how they handle it in the US etc. The only guaranteed time they do a whole unit is a physically damaged item like water or you dropped it.

      The only major change they made was the feedback option for folks to file complaints about AASP etc.

      But otherwise most of the letter was apologizing for folks not educating themselves on the policies. Sly move the way they did that really.

  • matthewmaurice

    I’m sure the Chinese media will now move on to all the other tablet and smartphone manufacturers who don’t offer the same warranty terms.