Why is the Chinese press so critical of Apple?

Not only has China’s Central TV been running regular follow ups to its March 15 expose on Apple’s iPhone repair policies, but on Thursday People’s Daily — the Communist Party’s official propaganda organ — attacked the company for the fourth day in a row, devoting half a page to negative articles.

Apple’s no longer a media darling in the US, either, but they’re definitely feeling the pinch in China. Philip Elmer Dewitt takes a look at the likely reasons behind the push.

  • dr.no

    Just like Japanese companies suffered because of the Island controversy. CCP is trying to distract from real public issues and also US is not allowing Chinese companies to buy American business or win government contracts.

    It could also be CCP doesn’t want Apple to be too popular but all Apple has to do is force the Chinese government pass laws to strengthen the consumer protection laws that would hurt all the Chinese companies more.

    Also Apple should say We have same warranty as Lenovo that should shut these people up.

    First they went after Apple for overtime, low pay, and overwork now that was nipped in the bud. Workers are crying that they don’t have enough work but that has resulted in any backlash against other companies.

  • No mention of Apple’s plans for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US? I’d imagine that having another couple dozen thousand unemployed factory workers on their hands might annoy the Chinese government.

    • Peter Cohen

      Apple’s plans for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US will generate dozens, maybe hundreds of jobs. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Apple will require in China for years to come.

    • hppi

      I’d be more likely for Apple to move those jobs to India or South America.

      • tylernol

        nope. Well Brazil maybe because of their tariff system that makes it economical for Apple to assemble in Brazil. But otherwise, Apple is pushing for heavier automation in their lines. Robots do not complain about working 24 hours a day.

  • 128kbps

    Imagine Fox News, but run by the government. And it’s the only news organisation in the country. That’s pretty much the Chinese media, only scarier.

    • JDSoCal

      How nice, the MSLSD trolls are out.

      • How nice, there are still people who think Fox hasn’t completed forfeited any claim to journalistic integrity.

  • dr.no

    Apple pursuit lures 20,000 students into ‘usury’


  • dr.no

    Now they want ipad classified as a computer.


  • I find it just amazing that Apple is attacked so much for absolutely nothing. They hardly ever release official statements on anything, employees and executives keep their mough shut (opposite of Google), they responded to criticism of Chinese working condition by trying to make them better, and they just keep coming out with great products. Yet somehow they are attacked by the media and internet trolls.

    It boggles my mind. I should really write a book on the phycologcal reason why Apple has been hated by these people since the 90’s.