Facebook phone

It seems clear by the invite that they’re entering the mobile space in one way or another.

  • Domicinator

    I can’t think of any outcome of this press event that will be anything but totally lame.

  • crabbit_git

    If there is one company I trust less with my personal information than Google it’s Facebook.

    Google makes mistakes with privacy and fixes them, Facebook makes concerted decisions to abuse privacy and only rolls back after public pressure.

    Google are at times just incompetent, Facebook are downright calculating.

    This is going to be problematic.

    • I agree. But most people don’t care about that shit. I imagine Facebook is one of the primary things people are using and doing on their smartphone. If Facebook is the big thing I care about on my phone, shouldn’t I just buy the Facebook phone? This could pose an interesting challenge for Apple on another front.

    • Scruff0

      I don’t think Google makes accidental mistakes with their privacy. I think they do what they want, and if they get away with it – fine. If not, they apologise, call it a bug and ‘fix’ it.

      I think the big difference with Facebook is that Facebook basically says, ‘we’ll decide what’s good for your privacy’, they fight the backlash and (generally) it goes away, as they know that 99% of Facebook users won’t be bothered beyond the initial backlash.

    • Disagree. Google is evil and calculating. They try to play the good guy when they are in fact a wolf in sheeps clothing. Personally I would rather use Facebook services than Googles’.

  • I wonder if they can get Pink Lady and Jeff as presenters.

    • bibulb

      I… I might be into that, actually.

      That says bad things about me, doesn’t it?

      • Only if you buy the phone based on their pitch.

  • tylernol

    I bet $ that the home screen is a version of the facebook newsfeed that you cannot block ads from. I also bet that it will be an unlocked phone with just a data contract and free voice and texting(via facebook’s service)

  • Scruff0

    Man – Facebook Glasses! I can just feel it!

  • If Google, Microsoft, and Amazon can ‘make’ their own hardware, then so can Facebook. They’re all software companies and none of them will be as good as Apple’s products.

    • Apple ‘make’ products in exactly the same way as those companies do (i.e. subcontractors) They just design them better.