“We’re doomed”

“Start reading Business Insider.”

  • In related news, I am available for hire to speak on the topics of nanotechnology, automotive engine rebuilding, First Amendment law and the ancient agrarian practices of Mesopotamia.

    • lol yeah. Because you have as much knowlege on those fields as Henry Blodget does in the world of computer technology.

  • Why isn’t Henry Blodget’s name always immediately followed by “who is permanently banned from the securities industry”?

    • For the same reason that the words “Rob Enderle” aren’t immediately followed by “hack being paid by the companies he writes about”. The Tech Media are generally stupid, lazy or don’t care about the actual truth.

  • pawhite524

    “Start reading Business Insider.”


    What did I do to piss you off so much that you would say that to me? I don’t want to give that crook the page hits…


    I find it hilarious how they have rebranded “SEO spam around hot topics” to be this “bigger stream/narrative”.

  • Purveyors of diarrhea.

  • What freaking “stories” is that jackwagon talking about? BI is nothing but slideshows-as-articles and advertising.