Reeder will get Feedbin support

Feedbin, a Google Reader alternative I mentioned last week, will be supported in Silvio Rizzi’s popular Reeder app. Great news!

  • Now if only they’ll update the Mac and iPad versions to support Fever, I can stop working on my client!

    • They mentioned in a follow-up tweet that Fever support is coming to the Mac and iPad in 2.0.

      • They’ve been saying that for a while and I have the unfortunate combination of being impatient, able to code and on a staycation, so…

  • seems odd that there is no mention of rolling out the fever support as well. I wonder if there is a business agreement in play.

  • Whatever Reeder supports is what I’ll use, period.

  • Paid, that’s at least promising. I think he didn’t mention Fever° because this was about Feedbin.

  • Anyone know if Feedbin is a worthy heir to Google Reader? Worth the $20 a year?

    • frippz

      Why not just pay the measly $2 for a month and find out for yourself?

      • I might just do that. 😛

        I was just posing the question, as I imagine some folk have used the service.

  • Now waiting and seeing what NewsRack will support (Reeder is nice, but 100% unintuitive and a GUI disaster).

    I do not mind paying at all, but the Reeder developer jumping on a competitor’s bandwagon, a competitor that sells an almost 100% clone of the own product… does not convince me.

    I have no need for the millionth screwed up web interface (I like that as much as a Java client), I need an efficient native tool to go through thousands of articles every day. And NewsRack is the only tool (on the Mac, on the iPad and on the iPhone) that does that for me.

    • Interesting, I found Reeder’s UI to be very intuitive, on iOS as well as on OS X. In terms of what you’re saying about going through lists efficiently, NetNewsWire still easily beats NewsRack.

      Also: your statement about Reeder jumping on a competitor’s bandwagon is factually wrong. How is Feedbin a competitor to Reeder? Reeder (in all its variations) is a native RSS feed catcher, while Feedbin is a web-based feed catcher and RSS aggregation service. Feedbin is a competitor to the soon-to-be-defunct Google Reader and to Fever°, but not to Reeder.

  • Now to just add Tiny Tiny RSS support. I’ve set up one of my servers with TT-RSS, and it’s not bad as a free, open source GR replacement. I’d much rather run my own backend than pay a monthly cost for someone who also might go out of business.