Fever: A personal Google Reader replacement

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Shaun Inman’s great Fever feed reader. With all the talk about finding a replacement for Google Reader, Fever should be high on your list.

  • Curmudgeon

    Fever has quite a high technical skills bar to get set up, I’m not there yet but my wish is strong.

    • You upload it via FTP, go to the url and follow the instructions. It’s not very complicated, that is unless your host doesn’t meet the apps requirements.

  • Fever° is great. I’ve been using it has replaced Google Reader for me instantly.

    What @disqus_Bewl574OjY:disqus said is totally right, setting it up is not easy for the uninitiated—to which I count myself, as I had help making it work—but there are always friendly souls out there who are willing to help. I’ve heard from a few friends that sometimes the hosting company’s service people lend a hand.

    It’ll be interesting to see what services are going to fill the void Google Reader leaves, but Fever° is already a good choice.

  • thefinite

    I, like many people, would pay for a hosted instance of Fever, but don’t think I have the chops to manage a self-hosted one.

    • It’s so easy. You just install it and off you go. There isn’t really any “managing” to do outside of the install.

  • what are people’s opinions on Feedly?

    I’ve been using it for almost two years. it has an iphone app to sync, which is what i wanted the most since transitioning from netvibes and the ios netnewswire app.