Angry Mac Bastards 200: How’d THAT happen?

That’s right, my foul-mouthed podcast with John Welch and Darby Lines hit a milestone this week with our 200th episode. Special guest included author, programmer and speaker Dori Smith.

Topics include Shandroidfreude, more smartwatch unicorn chasing, and farewell (again) to Fake Steve Jobs.

  • mangochutney

    Congrats to you and the other two. Been with the show since episode 42 (I think) and I loved each and every one.

    • John C. Welch


  • Duma Studetto

    Do you know your show doesn’t play on Android devices? AAC format not supported. Please publish proper MP3s in future.

    • 200 more episodes


    • John C. Welch

      Did you know that AAC is exactly as “open” as MP3?

      In addition, your assertion that Android devices don’t “support” AAC is simply incorrect. Maybe YOUR device doesn’t support it, but “Android” certainly does. Source:

      Now, certain types of AAC are only supported by Android 4.1 and later, and if that’s the problem you’re running into, while I feel for you, that’s not a problem that I’m inclined to double our infrastructure costs for.

      • mangochutney

        Honestly? I was waiting for someone to post something like this. AAC is open people. Geez.

        • John C. Welch

          It’s at least as “open” as MP3. You only need to pay any form of patent license if you’re writing Codecs. In terms of licensing, MP3 is far more of a mess, because you have claims from multiple companies around the world.

          • mangochutney

            Oh I know. It’s a huge bag of hurt, licensing-wise.

            Remember how long Sony held out before they added MP3 support to their DAPs? For a long time they only played ATRAC.

            The only bag of hurt bigger than MP3 is BluRay, that “standard” is a mess.

        • Duma Studetto

          I don’t really give a shit about open or closed. I just want shit to play.

          Obviously it’s not really AMB’s fault. They probably don’t think any Android user would want to listen to them shit on us malware infested mobile phone owners every week anyway. But I also have multiple Macs and an iPhone and I still enjoy them shitting on idiots, and laugh at their mis-informed opinions about Android.

          Anyway hopefully my problem is fixed when Sony finally delivers 4.1 update to my phone. My phone was last to get ICS and now it’s last in line to get the JB update too.

          • mangochutney

            I totally understand you.

            Odd that you can’t play enhanced AAC on a Sony-made Android phone. My mother uses a 5 y.o. Sony DAP and it plays enhanced AAC just fine.

          • John C. Welch

            It’s not a case of being deliberately assholes. It really is a part of the sponsorship deal.

      • Duma Studetto

        I meant Enhanced AAC. Your podcasts just won’t play in apps like pocketcasts. MacCast enhanced doesn’t play either but Adam posts a standard MP3 feed for those who can’t play

        From the pocketcasts guys on xda-developers:

        “We’ve been looking into it, but that format is a proprietary Apple standard that no one else has support for. So our iOS app supports it out of the box, because Apple has the developer tools for us to do that. On Android Google don’t, and we’ve yet to find a third-party library we can use that does, which leaves us stuck. So short story: yes we’d love to, but we don’t think we can.”

        FYI pocketcasts v4 is the best podcast app on ANY platform. You might want to support this for all the iPhone users switching to Android.

        • John C. Welch

          No. I don’t think I shall really. The big reason is that the Enhanced AAC stuff is part of what our sponsors pay for. Now, should you wish to personally sponsor an MP3 version, and cross our palms with silver for it, well, then we can talk.

        • John C. Welch

          Also, a bit of googling shows that no, this is not impossible on Android:

          it seems that there are android players that will handle the audio part correctly, they just don’t display the links.

          I’m surprised you didn’t read that part, since it’s in the same thread you pulled your quote from. According to ShaolinRaiden, the major complaint with pocketcasts seems to be that it doesn’t do the images or the links. So is your complaint you can’t hear the audio or you don’t get the links?

        • Fandroid4evar

          What, all seven of them?

  • John C. Welch

    and I have no idea how this happened either

  • Kelly Guimont

    As the official Joan Rivers of AMB, I applaud your success and wish you nothing but more of the same for as long as you can throw down against stupid and not suffer an aneurysm. Mwah!

  • Moeskido

    Points for tenacity, gentlemen. Well done.

  • Jeff

    Still my favorite podcast which regularly uses the word “taint”.

  • Shawn King

    Congrats from Your Mac Life Show #1,000 (give or take :) ).

  • Robert Rogacki

    Props. I look forward to listening every week. Best podcast ever !