iPad is changing lives in Japan

It’s great to see how businesses are using the iPad to make things better for its customers. I can’t see many iPads sticking around a restaurant in North America though.

  • Matthew G.


    This restaurant in California lets you use iPads to order. They are attached to the table in a stand-up case with a cord similar to the Apple Store. I have been there and it’s a really fun process ordering, with the bonus of getting exactly what you want when you want it.

  • You’re looking in the wrong places, Mr. D.

    A good friend of mine is working for an upscale restaurant chain (http://otgmanagement.com/about.html — scroll down to Technology) one of whose headquarters is at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Diners order meals from iPads.

    They were actively looking for graphics production people to work on their iPad menu development team awhile back. Had I still lived in that area, I might have applied.

  • Mother Hydra

    WRONG, Jim. a dozen or so restaurants in my hopelessly tech-averse town have allowed customers to order/pay for their meals with a variety of iPad-based POS machines. As I travel in and outside the country this is a trend that is picking up steam. I estimate it will reach critical mass around this time next year.

    On using these systems- I’m happy for any progress towards removing the lowest common denominator jobs from people that can scarcely care to perform them. Fine, you hate being a taco bell cashier, you’re fired; here is the iPad we are replacing you with.

    And so it goes

  • dvdphn

    The only time I’ve encountered an iPad used in a restaurant was at Spring Rolls in Dundas Square in Toronto last summer. Great to see the actual pictures of the food/sushi. Though, the order app kept crashing. I’m sure if they upgraded the app and hardware, (from what I recall, it was an iPad 2), should be an easier experience for everybody.