Staplers, the attachment that’s still making noise

New York Times:

Even as data moves to computers and the cloud, staplers continue to help people keep it together. On the computer, we can file copies in folders and send messages to mailboxes. We can cut, copy and paste text and files. But which computer activity is similar to stapling? Sure, there’s the paper-clip icon that attaches documents to e-mail. But nothing, really, comes close to the satisfying ka-chunk of a stapler: it’s a sound that means work is getting done.

More than you ever thought you could know about the lowly but oddly treasured office stapler.

  • jacksonsquire

    The squirrels were married.

    • Mother Hydra

      hahahaha thank you for that!

  • Wow. My mother had one of those 1946-model staplers in the ad illustration, and I inherited it. Worked for decades before the mechanism wore out. Somehow I doubt the models that Acco’s putting out there now will have as long a useful life.

    • Mother Hydra

      I can testify that the Acco has been steadily declining from the gold standard you inherited. I tend to look around for these 1940s-era models when rummaging around Antique stores.

  • I just bought a PaperPro stapler last month and it’s by far the best stapler I’ve ever used in over 40 years of using staplers. It works flawlessly and with hardly any pressure from a single finger. It’s just great.

    I guess the closest thing to stapling in OS X is merging PDF documents in Preview. No sound effect, though.