iTunes Business Review

Horace Dediu is getting set to publish a report on iTunes and how the business is doing. He put together an excerpt on his site.

  • yummyyummyfly

    Jim — please tell Apple (you know people there) to buy Pebble (the watch co.) — I hear it might be looking for a buyer.

    • Why should Apple do this? Honestly, what part of Pebble is compatible with what Apple does? What makes them a good acquisition? Why should Apple even bother?

      • yummyyummyfly

        Good questions. The Pebble is an amazing product despite all the restrictions it has to work with (lack of APIs, etc.), and I would like Apple to make a deeply integrated mini-screen that can serve up notifications etc. The mini-screen could be a watch, or be something that could be attached to one’s eyeglasses. Such a mini-screen could reduce my need to regularly take out my phone from my pocket to find out what notification just popped up. I fully accept that you may not be interested in acquiring such a product, nor in Apple developing such a product. You and I don’t have to agree on anything.

        • wonderyears

          I think the better question is why would Apple need Pebble when they could do this themselves?

          • yummyyummyfly

            Right, just like what happened when Apple made its own version of Dropbox and Google Maps.

    • That would be like Google buying Excite. There is absolutely nothing in the Pebble watch that Apple couldn’t do 10x better. They already made an iWatch on accident with the iPod Nano 6th gen 3 years ago.