Rush Limbaugh’s favorite Apple tech blogs

Thanks Rush.

  • Nice! Congrats! 😀

  • I… I don’t know what to say.

  • Jay Martin

    I’m not entirely sure that’s a compliment…

    BTW, the link in the RSS feed is FUBAR’d.

  • Massive Missive
    1. Also, yuuuuck. How does this not make you feel unclean?
    • JDSoCal

      Perhaps Jim isn’t a liberal douchebag who politicizes every little thing?

      • That’s exclusive to Liberals?

        • JDSoCal

          I think it is more common with liberals. Remember Rush had Elton John perform at his wedding – and liberals went nuts.

          I think you’d be hard pressed to find a conservative who would want to silence MSNBC (I think it does a public service to show how nutty the left is). You’d also be hard-pressed to find a liberal who doesn’t want to silence Fox News or conservative talk radio.

          Generalizations, with exceptions, but accurate.

          • I think I’d be hard-pressed to overcome your convenient generalizations about conservatives and liberals. Enjoy your echo chamber.

          • Trippie

            Ha. Good one buddy. You know we’re talking about Rush Limbaugh here, right? The man never met a situation he didn’t want to politicize.

            I know not one liberal who wants to “silence” Fox News or conservative talk radio. Pointing out people who lie or fall for lies isn’t an attempt to silence, it’s mockery.

          • LTMP

            I’m fairly liberal, and in all honesty, I have occasionally thought that I’d like to shut FOX down.

            But then I watch the Daily show, and I’m kind of glad they’re around to mock.

          • No, it’s not more common amongst liberals. What makes Rush so wrong is he couldn’t possibly agree with the absolute nonsense that comes out of his mouth. He’s a huckster. He does it for the money.

      • His policies aren’t the issue for me as much as the utter contempt for anyone who disagrees with him. If he acted the way he acts from the left, he’d be just as wrong. Conservative, liberal, or something else people deserve to be treated with respect.

  • Oh God No!!!! My list is similar to Rush’s! Hand me another Heineken!

  • chjode

    I heard that on the radio today and thought it was neat to hear the Loop mentioned.

  • Beh. His list includes rumormonger sites as well as genuine sources of information. So what.

    Perhaps he’ll be one of the few Mac users who buys the Samsung iWatch when it finally appears for its brief retail life.

  • Jim, Oh boy. Including Mr. Limbaugh in a post will get you tons of hits, but it’s not worth it. Mr. Limbaugh is a very polarizing person, as you can already see in this thread.

  • BGC

    Good to have a radio / sound tech team that’s able to name their favorite Apple blogs while coincidentally an advertising break is on. Imagine the anwer to be given in real time! Apple blogs? Oh yes, Whole Food Market has an Apple section, so does Costco! I like the green ones, the red ones no so much, still looking for the white / red / blue ones – no, not Union Jack color!

  • Rush has good taste.

  • TJ

    “Hey look, a bigot loves our site!” Unfortunate that you had to post this compliment from an obvious bigot. Wish you’d just taken the extra hits privately. Still love you guys but this was in poor taste.

  • TIME to upgrade the server Jim. Nice Job!

  • Not exactly something I’d be shouting from the roof tops…

    • MacDailyNews, AppleInsider, Cult of Mac… Yeah – not exactly an illustrious list you’d like to be included with. 🙂

  • Mother Hydra

    Politics aside, the guy loves Apple products and has for ages. Occasionally a friend of mine plays back portions of his podcast where he discusses things like Siri voice dictation and his own experiences with the devices he uses daily (iMacs, iPhones, Mac Pro). I even recall he had some issue with accuracy of voice dictation and was trying it out live, on the show. THAT was funny!

    If you can put aside your politics, he makes some great points about technology. I’ve been told he has to regularly preface his statements with “Now, Apple doesn’t pay me to say this, I just like ABC” His own callers seem to be rankled by his use of products from a “liberal” company (if such a thing even exists).

    I’m amused that people would expect Jim to be anything other than pleased with the referral traffic. How else should he respond?