Google’s Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry

Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry. Why? He likes the keyboard, he says.

They deserve each other.

  • rwitt

    Not the same, but when Steve first got back to Apple he used either a PC or a NeXT box. In fairness, he hadn’t yet made the Mac his own yet.

    • Steven Fisher

      Of course he used a PC running NeXT, OpenStep, whatever. Apple bought NeXT for it, and it was the future of Mac OS. Why would he roll back to the stable version of Mac OS when his company (and he) was acquired for what he was already using?

    • Eric Schmidt has been with Google since 2001.

  • And somewhere, one of BlackBerry’s twelve CEOs is horrified they’ve just released the keyboardless Z10.

    • Haha! They did a keyboard one too though so Schmidt should be fine. 😀

  • I vehemently disagree with this notion: “What’s more, he thinks that Apple’s iPad mini – the “small tablet” format that Google and Amazon have both made popular through their Nexus and Kindle Fire offerings – is “too small” compared to the large-format iPad.”

    I think the mini is the best tablet on the market.

    • kibbles

      i also raised a brow at that — the mini’s ratio is quite different from google & amazon’s 7″ displays, is it not? not the same format. more, those two have barely sold any units, so if anybody has popularized the sub-10″ format tablet, it’s again apple.

      • Yeah, they are definitely different by at least an inch or close to it.

        Well, they meant the Nexus 7/Kindle made it popular (not by Apple sales standards of course; maybe combined but not likely then either, lol) prior to the mini launch. Apple, as is the latest norm, took the popularity to new heights.

  • This gave me a good chuckle.

    Then again: Why use a Blackberry when he could have the R&D department give him one of the original Blackberry clone Android phones?

    • Fraydog

      I would bet that his real reason is that BlackBerry, as a platform, is much more secure. Default Android is just bad for that. Even Samsung is having to do a lot of proprietary programming on top of Android just to try to market to business.

  • All Google execs probably use a blackberry for work related business. They don’t want to be hacked and have all of Google’s dirty accounting and reporting secrets exposed do they?

  • Steven Fisher

    Is the information Schmidt is passing through BBM really secure from the former RIM?

    • JoJoBa

      Yes. They don’t have access to it. It’s encrypted on their network.