New OS X Trojan installs adware in your browser

A new trojan specifically for Macs has been discovered that installs an adware plugin. The malware attempts to monetize its attack by injecting ads into Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (the most popular browsers on Apple’s desktop platform) in the hopes that users will generate money for its creators by viewing (and maybe even clicking) them.

Be vary wary of any Web page that requires you to install additional software you’ve never heard of in order to see content there.

  • Colin Jensen

    How does it get past Gate Keeper?

    Without that crucial info, I can’t see how this trojan is believable.

    • None of these threats are believable. Apple devices are immune to all viruses, malware, trojans, etc. Everyone knows this.

    • John W Baxter

      It’s not an application, but a browser plugin. Gatekeeper isn’t involved; Gatekeeper or something like it should be. Can XProtect be stretched to cover this sort of thing?

  • quietstorms

    So you’re saying that I shouldn’t install the latest update to Quicktime through a porn site?

  • Is this technically a trojan? It is alerting the user that what is installed is “ad supported software”. If it is also providing the “service” is mentions, to get a live twitter feed on youtube, then this is not anything other than what it appears to be. That is IF it is of course. I did find the “Custom Installer and looked inside the package and some of the other files and saw that it is trying to go to on port 80. It seems a torrent file may be used as well. That is as far as I got though.