Google Maps chief steps down

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) continues to shuffle its executive ranks, announcing Senior Vice President of Geo and Commerce Jeff Huber will step down to pursue new projects within the company. The move follows just one day after longtime head of Android Andy Rubin also resigned his post.

This happened almost a week ago, but I missed it at the time.

  • Wow. Something is up in Mountain View for sure. I’m really curious what’s up now.

    • Very odd, indeed. What makes me curious is that both simply stepped down rather than being fired. You would think if they were screwing up badly they would be canned.

      So what would make execs of two of Google’s highest-profile projects simply decide to move on to other projects? Could they both be moving to Google’s Glass project, I wonder?

      • tylernol

        you do not get fired at that level. You are asked to step down.

        • You can get fired. lol. Stepping down is semantics but “leave this company” is the intent.

          What’s interesting is they aren’t leaving…just transitioning.

          • tylernol

            that’s what I meant. And they are transitioning out. They (Rubin, and the maps guy) will not be there in 6 months. And of note the original Maps head/creator departed a few years ago for Facebook.

          • Ahh…gotcha. Interesting take on the 6 months. I wondered about that too as an immediate departure would send the Android community up in arms, may Maps too.

    • quietstorms

      It’s been happening for some time now. Marissa Mayer was cut out of the loop when Page took over and Schmidt was elevated out of the building.

      I will say it’s not unusual for someone to leave their position in the Valley.

      • Mmmm…I didn’t think about Mayer but you’re right.

        It isn’t unusual but there is some definite restructuring happening. I’m half-excited and half-concerned. It could be for something new and exciting or something pretty bad.

  • tylernol

    I think there is a massive internal battle over the failure of Google+, the money pit of Android, the true prospect of Glasses, and folks who are dissenting with Page are getting tossed.