Google admits it lied about submitting Google Now to Apple

And now Google has confirmed this, with a representative telling us that, “Yes, I can confirm for you: We have not submitted Google Now to Apple’s App Store.”

So there you go. Lying bastards.

  • font9a

    grapenuts and pomegranate juice!

  • I call for Schmidtstorm!

  • Coming from the guy who basically stole iOS, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Eric Schmidt is a beady-eyed POS.

  • Why the hatred? Eric Schmidt said regarding Google Now on iOS:

    “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of them they approve and some of them they don’t.”.

    He’s not saying Google submitted the app, he says that if they would submit an app, there is no guarantee that the app would be approved – which is true – and a fair reason to think twice about developing an app for iOS.

    As if Apple is always crystal clear about their plans and in their answers.

    • Steven Fisher

      Actually, this guideline is clear: Explain what you’re doing and get the user’s permission.

      Just like Google Maps does.

      • Down laid this app, and now I’m finished with it

    • Because that guy has used this tactic – saying it is soooo unlikely that Apple will approve their app, which means all those who see Apple as a dictatorship have something to rage about – so often in the past.

      And he said other stuff, like Android becoming so much more important that the majority of apps will be released on that platform instead of iOS.

      The date he mentioned for that predictation was summer 2012 – seems he was wrong.

      So it’s easy to see why Jim is a bit pissed about the guy who’s basically Google’s version of the “Steve Ballmer laughs at the iPhone” video.

      • rattyuk

        He’s worse. The lying cheating guy who stole fire and started a firestorm. Fudmiester in the extreme.

    • However when Eric said “you will have to ask Apple” implies that Apple is reviewing the App. Why would anybody have to ask Apple? They haven’t reviewed anything. If he had say, “we don’t know, one hasn’t been submitted yet” followed about the whole bit about the App store he could have made his point about App approval and have actually been more accurate at the same time.

    • Remember what happened when Apple denied approval for Google Voice? Senators wrote letters. Eric Schmidt knows that Apple is going to approve pretty much anything Google submits. He also just happens to be a liar.

    • That lack of clarity was the issue. I don’t think his phrasing was anywhere near “vague”, but that’s the way the story was being reported, and that’s what most individuals are taking away from it: “Apple is blocking a Google app”.

      Even AFTER Jim’s first story with Apple refuting the allegation, people in that article were pulling apart the language of Apple’s statement- looking for a hole thru which Apple could still be blamed. Only now, that Google has admitted that nothing has been submitted, can Apple be believed.

      And you know why? Cause Google needs it’s apps on the iOS platform. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be supporting it.

    • Slurpy2k12

      I don’t think a single mobile app developer “thinks twice” about developing an iOS app. It’s all the other platforms they need to think about. iOS is the only logical primary choice in 99% of cases.

    • Just firing up the ubiquitous google tv interface on at least 90% of the tv I don’t have

  • Ohhhh Jim. :-/

  • Adam

    I look forward to everyone who called you a liar apologising.

  • Don’t be weevils