“Apple says it gets 75% of its power from renewable energy”

The chief takeaway from this year’s issue: Apple’s corporate facilities worldwide now get 75% of their power from renewable sources — solar, wind, hydro and geothermal — up from 35% two years ago.

Impressive improvement. Take that, you stinky hippies.

  • Major kudos there!

  • quietstorms

    Don’t be so biased Peter! In Apple history, Jobs was a hippie who smelled bad while he worked at Atari on his all-fruit diet while not putting on deodorant.

    Learn to accept and not define bro! I added the bro part to make it sound more friendly.

  • Not bad, not bad at all.

  • Meanwhile Google and Samsung get 100% of their energy in the land of Mordor, from the fires of Mount Doom.

  • Pifman

    Aren’t hippies FOR renewable energy?

  • Zeatrix

    “Take that, you stinky hippies.” Nice and arrogant view on the most important question of this (and all coming) generation.

    • Really? You don’t get the joke here?

      The proprietor of this site lives carbon-neutrally. Jim fetches his kegs of Heineken using a goddamn dog sled.