Apple kills the competition in J.D. Power ratings

For the ninth consecutive study, Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction. Apple achieves a score of 855 and performs particularly well in physical design and ease of operation.

The average was 796 points. Nokia scored 795, Samsung 793, Motorola 792 and HTC 790. LG scored 744 and lowest of the manufacturers was BlackBerry with 732.

Basically, the battle is for second place.

  • Nine times, Mrs. Bueller. NINE TIMES.

  • Apple was so far ahead that all the other manufacturers’ scores are below the average.

    • EVula

      It’s even worse: the average between the six non-Apple companies is 774 points. Adding Apple into the mix skews the average much higher.

      Which I’m sure is somehow evidence that Apple is doomed, because open is better and all that.

  • I’m trying to pull a WSJ and spin this as a negative:

    “Apple’s ratings in the JD Power still appear to be quite strong, but in reality they are lacking and a sign of impeding failure. The competition has reduced the distance to less than 60 points in some cases, showing how far Apple has fallen behind in handset innovation. The conclusion is as simple as it is daunting: Apple is DOOOMED!”

    • WSJ spin would be this:

      “Apple’s JD Power rating last year was 865, but has drastically spiraled to an industry leading 855. Apple’s lack of innovation has lead to disenchanted users switching to Android and a plummeting customer satisfaction score. Samsung’s customer satisfaction score has rocketed up to a score of 796. The continued innovation by Samsung is showing that it is leading the industry in innovation and customer satisfaction improvement.”

  • DOOMED!!!

  • Gonji

    “Apple…performs particularly well in…ease of operation.”

    That would be that old, outdated and tired OS that the analyst are saying needs to be dramatically overhauled.