Apple beats Google, Amazon in cloud war

Apple is dominating the cloud storage wars, followed by Dropbox, Amazon and Google according to Strategy Analytics ‘Cloud Media Services’ survey.

In a recent study of almost 2,300 connected Americans, Strategy Analytics found that 27% have used Apple’s iCloud followed by 17% for Dropbox, 15% for Amazon Cloud Drive and 10% for Google Play (see chart).

  • Steven Fisher

    Meanwhile, iTunes Match remains “temporarily unavailable” for me for the fourth straight day.

  • ChuckO

    That’s gotta be what they’re bringing Lynch in for right? Get the iCloud situation sorted? I hope the naysayers are wrong and he’s up to the task.

  • mvcmendes

    Meawhile Ballmer calls Dropbox ‘a fine little startup’. Their SkyDrive didn’t even make the list.

  • I LOVE iCloud! I have never had a problem with it and I use it for everything. Itunes match, documents, contacts, calendar, reminders, photostream, etc.

    • quietstorms

      iCloud has it’s problems like the iOS. Tell me when I can access iCloud data over the web on any device.

      Why are so any devs complaining about Core Data and iCloud?

      • Laurent Daudelin

        Because it’s a bitch to implement.

        • Steven Fisher

          From what I’ve heard, that’s an understatement: It’s a bitch to implement, and there’s no way to implement it in a way that solves all problems simultaneously.

  • rj

    “Apple beats Google, Amazon in cloud war” “Apple is dominating the cloud storage wars”

    Another BS “study”, with BS-multiplying headlines.

    The PR release really only talks about music. And inasmuch as it addresses anything else, it seems to make the assumption that total bytes stored (from the user’s perspective) is somehow the most important indicator of who’s “winning”. Sure, music files are generally larger than, for example, spreadsheets. Or text documents. But so what? These people realize that Apple only (conceptually) keeps one copy of “Enter Sandman” that everyone shares, right? And it seems to be rather selective in what it considers to be cloud storage.

    What it boils down to is that Apple is the largest music seller, which everyone already knew. Everything else in the cloud… well, in a lot of areas Apple is barely a player, let alone “dominating”.

    How much bigger is Gmail that Apple’s mail? 10x? More? Does Apple’s mail even compare to Yahoo or Microsoft?

    What about photo sharing? Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Facebook… how does Photostream compare?

    All the corporate and consumer services built on top of Amazon’s AWS and Google’s services? Apple doesn’t even begin to compete in that space.

  • EVula

    I dunno, I don’t really think of iCloud as something that I’m choosing to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love the syncing between all my devices, but I think counting usage like this is akin to measuring how many users Google+ has: many people just use it by default, more or less.

  • That’s so great, someone tell me how I can upload the file of my choice to iCloud, this must be a new feature. Because comparing iCloud to the other three kinda isn’t the same thing, ya heard?

  • Let’s not play the market share game. While iCloud sees the most number of users, it doesn’t mean that all of that turns into value. iCloud still has a long way to go and the competition is still anybody’s to win.