A great UI is invisible

A really well designed user interface is one that goes unnoticed by the user, whereas a poorly designed user interface forces the user to pay attention to it instead of the content.


  • …because the Iphone homescreen is so invisible, can’t see a single icon! wait, nvm

  • Phos…. FourDots

    YouTube. Horrific.

    Nuff said.

  • Ehm. I’m really starting to develop allergic reaction to grossly oversimplified statements like this one from the linked article: “But really, the end goal of a great user interface design should not be usable, but invisible.”

    For a more nuanced perspective, I recommend this article by Oliver Reichenstein: http://informationarchitects.net/blog/learning-to-see/

  • albertkinng

    iPhone UI don’t need to change. People that complain about it the same UI since day one need to switch to Android and learn how bad a new GUI is when it tries to mimic the PC desktop and force it to live inside a mobile OS. Apple spend years designing that GUI before put it out there. Touch and go. Totally invisible for me.