A FeedBurner replacement

Earlier this week I asked all of my RSS subscribers to change the link they use because I am moving away from Google’s FeedBurner. The biggest problem I face now is how to count my subscribers, the main feature I used in FeedBurner.

One of my Twitter followers on Wednesday pointed me to a new Web site called URI.LV, a new service dedicated to replacing FeedBurner. Created by Maxime Valette, the new service will count your subscribers, much like FeedBurner does.

With a WordPress plug-in you can choose to hide the fact you are even using the service, so users will continue using the same feed. Unlike FeedBurner, the site feed will not be redirected, unless you want it to.

I put a test feed in the system yesterday and it did count the subscribers and the hits to the overall feed. It’s too early to tell how accurate it is, but there are so many people in the same position I am in that I wanted to share the information. I’m hoping this will work out as a viable replacement.

Please use http://www.loopinsight.com/feed to subscribe to The Loop’s RSS feed.

  • Nice. Great to know options Jim!

  • David Chartier

    It’s 2013 and CMSes still can’t count their own damn subscribers. It’s insane that we need third-party anythings to do this.

  • Thanks for the post Jim!

  • Didn’t Marco Armant write something to do the counting? I remember him writing a post on marco.org about it.

    • Yes he wrote a gist about that, but it only counts Google Reader subscribers, so not very accurate for the months to come.

      • Oh! Right…well, guess it helps not at all 🙂

  • Thank Jim! I’ve installed it on my three WP blogs. Took 5 minutes with the FeedBurner migration tutorial. Hope this one lasts!

  • David Bridle

    I too used Feedburner, until I went to my account yesterday and saw all my subscribers had gone. Not unsubscribed! All my feeds had gone to zero. Not happy!

  • Adam

    EXACTLY what I needed for all my stuff / blogs / podcast … thanks a ton!

  • Marios from Infolific.com

    I just started looking at an alternative to Feedburner. In my case I’m just looking for a way to improve site performance because with all of the desktop tools and aggregators hitting my feeds hourly, the resource hit is significant. My hope was to use a third party to capture the requests and just have my source feed pinged a few times a day. Still looking for the ideal solution…