Why Apple hired Kevin Lynch

Daniel Eran Dilger has a good article on Apple’s recent hire.

  • tylernol

    Good article by Dilger, the true bozo here is Gruber. He needs to do a bit more research before attacking people like that.


    • dr.no

      No, Gruber is paying back for Forstall dismissal engineered by Mr. Mansfield and Mr. Cook.

      • Sorry but could you state that more clearly? As written, it’s kind of confusing.

      • lucascott

        Mansfield and Cook may have engineered it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t deserved.

        iOS 6, which was Forstall’s area of responsibility, was full of serious issues. Issues which were costly to more than a handful of folks when their cell bills went through the roof because the software wouldn’t flip to wifi properly. Then there were the firmware bugs which destroyed wifi, Bluetooth, speakers etc.

        Plus Maps which may have also been, even on the data side, under Forstall. But he refused to admit he blew it. Or to ‘take one for the team’ given that he’s basically the face of iOS 6 to the public.

        And then there’s the personality issues. Numerous stories have gone out over the years that Forstall is a stuck up asshat that thinks he’s special cause of his history with Steve. That he wouldn’t take feedback from anyone but Steve and so on. Browett was fired for not fitting with the team and the culture and Forstall was acting the same. And got the same treatment.

    • +1

      lol @ –. 😀

    • Steven Fisher

      You cannot use “Great article” in the same sentence as “Dilger.”

      This, btw, is no exception. A whole bunch of rambling, and nowhere does he actually address in any depth the alleged point of the article.

      • It is a bit unfocused. I expect that at Dilger’s blog, but not at someone else’s.

        That said, Incomprehensograph™! Thanks for that, @Angry_Drunk!

        • Steven Fisher

          Oh, I just skimmed over that, but he does have one in there, doesn’t he?

          I’ll say this: The guy puts a lot of effort into his frothing insanity.

          • But that’s just it. He’s not quite insane.

            The voices in his head are indeed telling him to write a story about a subject that matters, for which he possesses lots of pertinent facts. But there are just too many of them speaking at once for him to stay on topic.

            Another great reason why we need editors.

  • Steven Fisher

    The real reason Apple hired Kevin Lynch: Apple is now only a couple cards short of a flush in the suit of ex-Macromedia.

  • lucascott

    A lot of folks are giving Lynch crap cause he was Mr ‘Flash is awesome’ but come on, that was part of his job.

    And we don’t know yet what exactly he’ll be doing at Apple. Perhaps we should wait for that info, or to see how well he does before the hate