The return of NetNewsWire

Daniel Pasco:

Second, even though we’ve been quiet about it, we have been working on new versions of NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. We have some great new features and a modern design that we can’t wait to show you.

Great news for RSS users.

  • I went to Google Reader because of NetNewsWires demise (or whatever that was that happened). I even opened it on my old MBP the other day (was cleaning it out and saw the logo).

    I’m thrilled to hear them coming back.

  • Oh thank god. I use NNW as my go to reader

  • More accurately: “The Return of Talking about the Return of NetNewsWire”. There’s no guarantees.

  • Omaha Sternberg

    NetNewsWire died? Strange…I still use it. At least the Lite version.

  • G

    Great news indeed. I migrated to Feedly first, but then gave NNW a shot. It looks old, but you can’t beat the speed of a native app (working fine in 10.8.3 so far). Synced up with Reader to grab my feeds, then synced off. Bye Reader.

    In the mean time, I’ve switched all the optional fonts to Helvetica and I’m pretending it’s a new app. Sweet.

  • satcomer

    I’ll believe them when I see it offered! These developers seem to promise a lot these days but deliver little. Just look and the little amount of KickStarter things starting up and it is looking more like a scam.

  • I’ve been using NNW Lite 3.3.2 for what I guess is about a year. Works great. Google’s behavior has gotten me thinking about throwing Black Pixel some money for whatever their full version is.