The end of Android

Dan Frommer:

But even from the outside, it’s easy to see that the Android situation isn’t ideal. Yes, it is the world’s “most popular” mobile phone platform, if you sort by the number of people using it, and that’s an impressive achievement. But it certainly isn’t making the sort of impact — on the world and on Google itself — that it perhaps could or should.

Interesting thoughts.

  • satcomer

    Google giveth and takes away. What the article failed to mention is Google makes far more money from iOS users than Android users.

    • I agree. I do think that iOS in many ways has helped Google way more than Android. I do think when history is written it will be shown that the way that Google has handled Android has not ended up being a net postitive for them. Also, it will show that had Google just stuck to doing the cloud stuff and made the iOS the premere way to access those services they could have had the best of both worlds.

    • Tvaddic

      Per user yes, but don’t forget that a large chunk of that goes to Apple.


    Android is successful only because Google shares profit from ads with OEM and Carrier. It even pays to put its apps onto the phones.

    Even then Carrier don’t like the control that they might lose and are actively looking for a third force.

    Carriers are like Railroad monopoly, Standard Oil, AT&T, Boeing, etc. Accept that US govt. will never regulate them. Everything else is yada yada yada.

  • Zeatrix

    Saying Android will fail is just liek saying iOS will fail.