Jane Goodall caught plagiarizing in new book

She even claims to have spoken to a botanist, but he has no recollection of ever speaking with her.

  • JDSoCal

    Monkey see, monkey do?

  • lucascott

    I think what is most disturbing is the rather cavalier attitude it seems her publishers have about the issue and fixing it later.

    I get you probably spent some money in printing copies etc but don’t you think they won’t sell with this news. So why even attempt it and sour folks on your imprint

  • millsap

    “Often, the cause is speed and sloppiness in the research,… abetted by technology that allows a writer to swiftly transfer passages from one place to another — and just as swiftly to forget it was done.” Right. That’s just the kind of thing my college students say. And I call bullshit.