Samsung is working on a watch

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said during an interview in Seoul. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

In other words, ever since they heard Apple may be working on one.

  • That’s funny

  • i hope they release it before apple does so they don’t have time to copy. because I don’t think that apple is making just “a smart watch” if they really release this thing. if samsung has learned something from the past they should know, if apple is doing something – they do it right. if samsung is doing something – they just do the obvious.

  • FromMyCube

    You mean Apple is copying Samsung, they have had smart watches for years and years:

    • yeah. and apple is copying microsoft because there were windows mobile phones before the iphone. if apple is working on something it will be better than anything out there. was true with every product since the ipod. (ok maybe not true with mighty mouse)

    • That’s assuming that Apple is in fact even working on a smart watch.

      Right now it’s just a circle-jerk of speculation.

    • gjgustav

      That watch isn’t that smart.

  • Isn’t this just like if they came out and said they are working on a TV? They’ve tried making watches before….

  • tylernol

    “for so long” ..right…..

  • I’d give Samsung more credit. They will never release a watch before Apple, they are fast followers, they will copy the iWatch (if it ever will exist) as fast as possible (faster than any other competitor). So why saying now they are working on it while they are indeed waiting to see the iWatch first? That’s the smart move, since everyone sees Apple design as obvious as soon as the new iDevice is created, when Samsung will launch their own watch they will be able to tell that they were working on it well before Apple, that their design is not a copy but the obvious way of making a smart watch, only their device is made with plastic and is cheaper than Apple’s. Perhaps this time they will avoid a trial with a billion charge, there is evidence that they have worked on the product before Apple’s release, read the papers.

    • Canucker

      That’s what they claimed in the billion dollar trial – and failed. Unshipped product concepts don’t count for much. Not that the courts really seem to be a remedy for fast-following either. Samsung knows that its court settlement (which keeps getting knocked down) was a tiny price to pay for the massive profits it achieved through fast-following. Their innovation is in efficient product mimicking at reduced costs because they know the market for look-alikes is strong and money is tight. Over time, they can iterate their own designs and differentiate. But the key is to be fast out of the gate. They aren’t picking just on Apple, either. They’ve decimated Sony, Toshiba and Sharps flatscreen business. They are a powerful company.

      • I agree, but I don’t think the trial was about the money, it was about perception, marketing. It helped Apple to mark Samsung as a copying competitor not a premium player. It payed in “image” not in dollars. “Image” gains seems not much but the force of the brand is everything, in fact Apple surpassed Samsung in USA, where the trial gained the more publicity and fall behind elsewhere. I am not saying the trial is all about it, I am saying it changed people’s perception of the samsung brand and helped, just a little perhaps, but helped.

        • Canucker

          I agree about the image issue and Apple wanted to have its day in court. Jobs didn’t care about the money. There is no money in thermonuclear war. However, the court of public opinion is fickle and Samsung has emerged from the battle with its pockets stuffed with cash. Of course, Apple cannot defend itself in this way as it will become distracted and public perception will switch to it trying to make up for lack of new ideas by suing. So, the best defence is to continue to truly innovate.

    • lucascott

      Trouble is that no one believes just their word.they can SAY anything they want but if they don’t turn up with some patents, prototypes etc in the public eye before Apple announces then everyone will say it was empty talk and Samsung was just waiting to copy Apple

      • I don’t think the target of this communication is a jury in a trial. This is a brand defense, when there will be articles speaking about copy they will produce articles speaking about years of development. There will be no prototypes or other proof but for the media sake words are enough to defend the brand.

  • Canucker

    Samsung made phones long before the iPhone but after the iPhone was released, all Samsung devices adopted the same form factor. Apple wasn’t first with that form factor, but it wasn’t popular or done well until the iPhone – which “showed the way”. In fact Samsung looked at RIM for inspiration (and was sued by them over the BlackJack). Even the first Android prototypes had more in common with RIM Blackberrys than anything else.

    If Apple does do a watch, it won’t be conventional. Why? Because conventional smart watches have already failed. Apple didn’t do a tablet based on the form factor/pen interface model of Windows Tablets because they failed. Companies only adopt/mimick/copy Apple designs when they are seen to be popular (i.e. are valued by people). Cases in point:

    iPod – ZuneHD iPhone – basically all smartphones* inc Blackberry Z10 iPad – the rest* Retina display MacBook Pro – Google Pixel MacBookAir – Samsung etc. ultrabooks

    *I’ll give Microsoft some due. They’ve tried to differentiate WinPhone and Surface from the crowd. Not working too well yet, but still early days.

    I’m sure Apple’s engineers are quivering in their flip-flops over Samsungs “watch” (due to laughter).

  • Samsung cannot be preparing a smartwatch “for so long”, not in the sense of what the iWatch is being made to be.

    If we assume that the iWatch would resemble the Pebble in the way it receives notifications, emails, bluetooth, remote capabilities, etc., we have to assume that Apple will be using some kind of modified/trimmed down version of iOS.

    So what is Samsung using then to make it a similar product? Very doubtfull they will use some kind of Android modification. I’m guessing they wouldn’t even know how to start. So then what? Are they going to create they’re own OS for the watch? Because we can see how well that was working for them before Android came to light.

    This is just BS from Samsung, and everyone can see it. But i’m pretty sure that as soon as Apple releases the so called iWatch (if they ever do), Samsung will take around 6 months to launch some piece of crap made of plastic mimicking it, and then saying “it is the only way to make a watch” or “the design is obvious”. Oh well, at least it will be fun to read all the articles…