Leaving Feedburner, please change your RSS link

Google is shutting down most of its good services for publishers like Feedburner and Google Reader, so I need to make a change at The Loop. If you are using The Loop’s Feedburner link in your RSS reeder, could you please change it to this one ASAP.


You will notice that when you add the new feed it will automatically redirect to the old Feedburner feed — that’s okay. As long as you are using the new URL, you will still get updates when I turn off Feedburner.

I will be shutting off the Feedburner link in the near future. Thanks for understanding.

If you are a member of The Loop, keep using your existing link, I’ll be in touch with more info on that later.

  • Andre

    There is only one minor problem: http://www.loopinsight.com/feed/ redirects directly to the FB feed right now.

  • Jeff

    HURRAH! Finally no more ugly URLs filled with tracking info!

    @Andre – it may redirect to FB right now, but it can easily and transparently be switched to something else in the future.

  • Stephen Sevenyoln

    Yes! Get away from Big Mean Google!

  • Would you consider adding an RSS to email service for us? It seems that with Google withdrawing Reader the whole RSS Reader genre is dying and we’re expected to consume content elsewhere. Email is convenient.

    • RSS is not dying and saying as such is absurd…MANY companies are jumping in to replace Google Reader with most notably Feedly who have said they are making an API to replace the Google Reader API which is the foundation of most RSS Reader Apps.

      Google Reader as a webapp is not what caused the uncertainty…it was the API Google provided that most if not all RSS Reader Apps used to keep stuff sync’d.

      • Michael – thanks for the clarification

        • you’re welcome and for Email subscriptions…IFTTT is an amazing service and replaces that feature and so much more. Though for individuals not really a way so offer email subs to users.

  • This was your fault and the fault of everyone who used FeedBurner incorrectly.

    Google has ALWAYS had the same stance about FeedBurner since the day they bought it.

    FeedBurner should be used as a tool to get analytics and such but the URL that FeedBurner provides should NEVER be given to a site’s users.

    What you are doing now is exactly what Google has suggested to people in the first place.

    Use your own domain so you have control so if anything has to change to the backend of the feed the url users use can stay the same regardless of what was changed.

    Don’t blame Google…blame yourself.

    • Wow I sound like a huge jerk from that comment…but it is still valid what I said but I just wanted to clarify that I am at fault at doing this in the past.

      It was more of me just pointing out that just because Google may be killing Feedburner (we don’t know yet) it doesn’t mean Google is to blame for any issues because Google themselves said to not do what you, me and many others have done.