Attack on Apple raises questions about Chinese media outlets

Weibo users immediately begun to speculate about the meaning of that last sentence, with some noting that an odd flood of negative posts about Apple appearing on the site after 8:20pm. Speculation soon spread that Mr. Ho had been supplied with the text by CCTV as part of coordinated campaign to smear the Cupertino, Calif. electronics maker online.

While there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Ho or anyone else was paid to post messages in support of CCTV’s allegations, the reaction on Weibo points to rising mistrust of the country’s state-run media outlets among Chinese Internet users, who have increasing access to alternate sources of information via social media.

Who’s behind the coordinated campaign? And are they in cahoots with the analysts and hedge fund managers who seem intent on driving down Apple’s stock value in the States?

I’m getting increasingly paranoid about all of this stuff.

  • tylernol

    there is no conspiracy guys. post this at 9 AM

  • Canucker

    Who stands to benefit? Oh yes, the freaking hundreds of cheap Apple knock-off companies in China (which are also undermining Samsung – but that’s karma).


    There have been plenty of post around the internet that state something like this:

    “I love Apple, I am fan of Steve Jobs. but”

    This kind of statement is littered around even mac rumor sites because Samsung and et al have paid people flooding them.

    This is to counter the Apple fans and their power to shape stories and even attack authors that write anti Apple stories in the not too distance past.

    So you should be paranoid.

    • Canucker

      Fortunately Apple has the Beard and Samsung doesn’t.

  • satcomer

    Samsung is paying tech bloggers to be negative toward Apple at any chance they can. Samsung decided they could not compete in traditional commercial form is using this gorilla campaign to undermine Apple in the publics mind.

  • Mother Hydra

    Spoiler- follow the money to Samsung. Come on, they champion nepotism as a corporate strength, this is well inside their wheelhouse. Samsung spends MASSIVE, publicly recorded amounts of money to astroturf, I mean to market. Yeah, market their products

    • pawhite524

      Agree 100%. Payment of bribes has long been considered standard operating procedure in the east and in the west. In the west, the term Consultant Fee is the typical line item in the budget.

  • Steve Cotner

    Really? You really thought that the Chinese government would want to stick its neck out to help American hedge fund managers? Please take a few seconds to appreciate what the Chinese government is interested in: 1) maintaining power. And that’s it. There isn’t a number two. In the interest of maintaining power, it controls speech, and it also often uses speech to harm foreign entities or raise ire against them, in order to keep Chinese citizens angry at something other than their own government. That’s all you need to know here.