AT&T offers Mobile Share packages for heavy data users

Doing so will cost you dearly, though; the 30GB tier demands $300 per month, with the 40 / 50GB options coming in at $400 and $500 respectively. Naturally unlimited talk and text are included in each plan, just as before.

Plus $30 for each device you add to your share plan. Ouch.

  • I thought upon first read that the tile was “packages for heavy drug users”

  • Nice and cheap. Thanks, at&t.

  • Just go for a pre-paid carrier like Straight Talk and be done with the likes of AT&T and Verizon. $45 for unlimited everything on Straight Talk.

    • Jim H

      Unfortunately Straight Talk is now using T-Mobile sims. T-Mobile’s coverage is not good. I recently bought a sim and a few days later went on eBay to buy an AT&T sim. Of course if T-Mobile has good coverage in your area you are all set, but overall the coverage is not good, not yet anyway.

      • Jim H

        Oh and BTW the AT&T sim I bought is for Straight Talk before they switched or rather before AT&T stopped supplying them.

  • Waiting for someone to post here about how great the free, unregulated carrier market is for consumers.