Apple’s iPhone Web campaign

Apple’s “Why iPhone” campaign tells people why the iPhone is better than its competitors.

  • tylernol

    they need more hot moms sending videos to husbands going away on business trips.

    • Don’t we all? 😉

      • tylernol

        that ad was pretty tacky and insulting to women.

        • That’s life man. How is it insulting? A married couple shared a private video. Married folks get it…at least I do. 😉

  • Seems they’ve wizened up to the onslaught of competitor success.

    This coupled with Schiller’s timely yet mostly false attacks makes me think Apple is a bit worried.

    • rattyuk

      Onslaught? Samsung still haven’t exceeded iPhone sales if you compare their flagship (Galaxy) phones. And for all the Android masses only Samsung and Apple are actually making money.

      • Does it have to exceed the iPhone for it to be considered a success?

        • Nobody’s talking about Android for Samsung not being a success, of course they are making a lot of money from it.

          But the important part is that Samsung is said to be “winning” – and that’s neither true for Galaxy S/Note shipments (or real sales^^) nor their share of all smartphone profits.

          • I never said it. I purely said “onslaught of competitor success” and folks are having a conniption. lol.

            Apple competitors are seeing success and it is coming from different angles.

    • tylernol

      onslaught? Nope..And Schiller was right. Samsung is using an almost year old version of Android. Where is Key Lime Pie?

      • Key Lime Pie? LMBO. It hasn’t been released. Wait until May then it’ll launch. 4.2.2 is the latest version of Android and that’s what the S4 has.

        Yes, onslaught.

      • Not yet released, but you’re right – Samsung announced the S4 more than a month before its actual release – there’s still time for 4.2.2 to become outdated by then.

        And of course, KLP will be released in May or June, just a month after the release of the S4.

        By the time KLP is officially released for the S4, we’ll be talking about the release of iOS 7.1 für iPhone 4 and newer.

        • Yep. Very likely a month after launch the S4 will have an old Android version.

          I’m hoping Google finally has solved their issues of giving ODMs Android code earlier in the process so they can have it ready closer to launch.

          • Even then, there’d still be problems with updates on Android.

            The Galaxy S II Plus has been released in January, is just a tiny bit cheaper than a Nexus 4 and Samsung just announced that it won’t get an update to KLP.

            The so called Update Alliance was a joke.

          • Weird they launched the S2+ this year right before the S4. I know nothing about it so I assume it is for regional carriers.

            I am holding out on my judgement of the Update Alliance as this is the first year it should actually show true. If they fail at IO this year, I’ll consider it a joke but with the update cycle of devices and when they announced it…this should be the time for proper device updates.

            Ultimately, it is an ODM problem though not a Google one, per se. Google provides the code…ODMs need to update their stuff. With the sheer amount of custom software in the S4 I’m confident that’s a TON of testing to be completed on KLP before it is released.

  • David

    I was sent this link in an e-mail and thought that it was from The Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious. I must admit though that I’m glad that I went with the beautiful white version of the iPhone 5; it looks spectacular.