EA CEO steps down

A few other mid and senior-level executives sounded surprised at the changes in just asking around so far. But EA suffered a big black-eye in the last few weeks with the botched launch of Sim City.

  • Well, that’s something at least.

    • Mother Hydra

      No, something would have been a public draw and quartering to foster good will with the gamers they’ve abandoned over the years. Mirror’s Edge not withstanding, this guy represents everything that is soulless and evil about the game industry. He is diametrically opposed to progress for video game technology and holds us all back, much like a technology-focused KKK.

  • Good riddance. Finally.

  • Now that’s a surprise.

  • MishQus

    The fact that senior-level execs are surprised tells you all you need to know. They have not seen the light (yet). EA will continue its current path.