Feedly adds 500K + users since Google Reader announcement

Feedly has announced that more than half a million Google Reader users have signed up for its RSS service following Google’s service termination announcement on Wednesday.

Lots of services have stepped forward to fill the gap, or have announced their intent to do so. Feedly seems to have the most momentum right now, though.

A message on the Feedly blog says:

Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) to keep the service up, 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly.

  • Lukas

    Still waiting for Dalrymple’s rant about how Feedly is “stealing” Google’s APIs for its RSS service, the exact same way Google was “stealing” Java’s APIs for Android.

    • Carlos

      Are you comparing a product that’s going to die in a few months with Java, a commercial and active project that Google stole?

    • dr.no

      If Google’s API has a copyright statement that it can’t be copied then sure you have a point.

      But If were you I would double check it isn’t Apache Licensed and not GNU licensed like Java. Google stripped out and straight copied with no hope for compatibility. Courts in the past have only allowed for compatibility purposes. It is up to Google to start the process. I will be waiting.

  • thismarty

    That’s over 500,000 users that Google failed to migrate to Google+.

    • MSfromtheOC

      And half of whom probably have an Android phone and now will rethink which environment they will continue with next time they purchase a phone…

  • This will only get worse for Google in the weeks to come. Good.