Warby Parker co-founder tries to duplicate success with shaving

Warby Parker did it for eyeglasses, offering style at a discount. Now one of the co-founders of the trendy retailer is tackling something almost every guy needs: razors. Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider and his longtime friend Andy Katz-Mayfield have built Harry’s, a startup selling more than just blades and handles, but what they are calling “shaving experiences.”

My wife the optician really likes Warby Parker, which sells trendy, high-quality eyeglasses and offers really great customer service without charging their customers through the teeth. So it’s great to see Jeff Raider try to duplicate his success with shaving products.

  • Personally, I use dollarshaveclub.com

  • Say what you will, these fuckers have their fingers firmly only the pulse of the Hipster market. Can artisanal toe-nail trimmers be far behind?

  • Whatever. I like Schick Extreme 3 razors. 84¢ each when I buy 64 at a time from Walmart. But, then I am not a hipster. Just ask my daughter.